There is this thing that fascinates us, takes a lot of our time, and slowly destroys our true selves “social correctness”. I always hear things like,” I should not do this”, or like, “they should behave like this”, and we always take haste in judging those who are opposed to our social norms, even those who don’t have a choice, here we are talking about little innocent souls that have been silenced for so long, hearts that have been deprived of love when they most need it.  How many times do we think about other people’s feelings?  Or how many times do we take a moment to ask what other people might really need?

We live in a world that becomes dangerous days per day, you don’t know what to expect, one moment you’re planning for your next move, and then the next thing you know your life is messed up and it’s shocking and painful at the same time that you don’t even know how to go about it. Now let’s consider real facts, there is an increasing number of teenage girls being sexually abused, some of them get traumatized, others get pregnant, and more and more other consequences. Being abused is one thing, losing your dignity is another, but being condemned is something else; however, that’s what we do, we simply can’t fully grasp their pain, we can’t have enough empathy, and we never have enough courage and strength to establish a sense of normalcy around them. We actually never know when to back off and give them time and space to heal, to redefine themselves.

We like to say that  beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then I wonder, how easily does beauty fade, how fast does the eye that judge turn around and start seeing differently, how quick does a hearty stop loving a comprehending? Because that’s what these girls would like to know, they keep wondering what changed. Just because someone did something terrific to them doesn’t mean they became monsters or some other sort of species, they are the same cheerful beautiful ladies, with big aspirations and big dreams, and the capacity of being great. Not only do we treat differently, sometimes we tend to put the blame on them, they are treated as family disgrace, and chased out of their homes, they are forced to become independent at such a young age, they become ignored, and they are out there as passive citizens of the world with a lot of pain inflicted on them, and the pressure to make a new life and an identity.

We are always afraid of losing something at some point in life, whether it be a material we really like, or our jobs, or even a loved one. These girls already lost a part of their dignity, and we don’t make it easier by having all the negative attitudes around them. I am not saying that’s all we do, because there are some people that really help them, there are these great organizations, there are these awesome therapists, but the best therapy there would be is to have your life back, have a supportive family, wake up the next morning and know everyone is willing to hold your hand to help you walk the next step and life goes on. So what’s the point? It would be amazing if we put aside the selfish side in us,  step out of our comfort zones and live a day in their shoes, take a moment to imagine what  life is like for them, have  a different perspective , and a different approach.

The worst thing that could happen to anyone is to have a dream, a great ambition, and then see it being shattered, and you’re all alone with the task to rebuild that dream, or a very different one.  We all need to be heard, we all need to be understood, but we’re so focused on receiving than giving. All these girl need, is a shoulder to cry on, a figure to build back their confidence, someone to say “I believe in you”. We can all give that, we all have in us the power to do good, to not be judgmental and put color is someone’s life. It’s not that complicated. We all exist for one another, and we don’t need to contribute much, but a loving heart and a positive attitude. We can’t stop the world from being dangerous but we can stop making decisions that won’t help anyone. That’s all it takes.